Headlight restoration – $150
Using a variety of wet/dry sanding and polishing, headlight lenses are restored to full clarity. A polymer resin is applied to protect against UV, yellowing and hazing.

Paint Correction 
Paint correction is the process of removing imperfections on the paint surface such as swirls, surface scratches, oxidation, bird dropping etching, water spots and hologram. Paint correction can restore the vehicle’s paint to a “better than brand new” status and fully restore depth and gloss.

Ozone Odour Treatment – From $50
Our Ozone machine helps removes any unwanted smells including, smoke, mildew, mold, pet smells etc by instantly killing the odour carrying bacteria.

Badge Removal 
We carefully remove manufactures badges and stickers, clean off the glue and polish out any marks left behind for a clean look to the vehicle.

Spot Clean
Let us clean up the stain or spill and sanitise the area resulting in no odour